Stress Overload Workshops

Professional and Senior Caregivers

Stress is a common factor in life, but for professional caregivers, it is even more so! Caring for multiple residents in a retirement residence setting can strain even the most resilient people. If you’re a professional caregiver, it is important to take steps to preserve your own health and well-being. It is natural to feel frustrated, overworked, exhausted, alone or even sad. This stress — the emotional and physical stress of caregiving — is common, but can also lead to substance abuse, neglect, and abuse, which is something we want to prevent entirely!

Let Dr. Doug Lukinuk DC, guide you and your team of caregivers on a journey toward wellness.


Long-term stress increases the risk of mental health issues, mood disorders, memory issues, substance abuse, sleep disturbances, pain, body complaints, and disease.

Did you know?

• Stress causes depression and anxiety; affects appetite 

• Stress causes difficulty concentrating and mood swings

• Stress increases the risks of disease and physical pain 

In just 10 minutes, you will learn:

• About the #1 killer in North America

• How to immediately reduce stress and add years to your life

• How to move from from a state of illness to wellness

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Transformational Programs

Dinner with the Doctor


Enjoy a sumptuous, nutritious dinner with Dr. Doug Lukinuk as he guides you through simple steps to reduce stress and add years to your life.  Bring a friend and you will get a free ticket!

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Heart Strong



Join Peterborough Maximized Living Chiropractic as we discuss the risks and  signs of heart disease and stroke, as well as how to prevent it.
February 27, 2019

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Max Movement


Daily at the Centre

Matt Vidler will guide you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle with this FREE 15-minute fitness assessment.